Spring in full swing

Persol sunglasses, J.Crew oxford floral pattern shirt

Back alleys in downtown Vancouver always intrigued me. When you enter one of them, you no longer feel safe. They’re dark and unpredictable.

oxford blazer floral pattern shirt
J.Crew oxford suit jacket, chinos in peri and suede wingtips

Back alleys have a bright side too – you can avoid crowds of pedestrians on a busy Saturday afternoon.

Gingham pocket square and a vintage watch

Light neutral tones such as the color of this oxford suit jacket are perfect for spring. They’re not good friends with ketchup, though. Better be careful when dipping that fry. Now let’s add some color. Oxford shirt with a floral pattern and a gingham pocket square will do the trick. Vintage watch completes the outfit and gives it an edge.

J.Crew Kenton Wingtips in suede

Enjoying sunset with sour skittles. Waterfront station behind me. Gotta love this remarkable city.

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